As a writer, you pour your heart and soul into your work, and likely hope to teach, entertain, or inspire. Whether you love to write a hard-hitting romance or an epic fantasy adventure, you are an artist with a unique talent and voice. Readers in every genre eagerly await new content, ready to discover the next great work. Your work. Unfortunately launching a career is more than just writing, and the challenges are just beginning.


The new world of publishing has many opportunities for you to publish, but those opportunities bring a number of questions. How do I get reviews? Can I get into a brick and mortar store?  How do I use social media? Should I go on a book tour?  Who is my targeted audience and how do I reach them? How do I market? These questions inspire doubt and fear, making it all that much harder to navigate the complicated and ever-changing world of publishing.


Since the advent of e-publishing the book world has seen a revolution, allowing many authors to achieve the dream of writing full-time. Red Coat Public Relations can help you master the literary industry and cement yourself into your new career. Our team has more than fifty years of collective leadership, project management, digital development, and marketing experience. Together we can help build your brand and launch your career.

Our Story

Public Relations is more than just marketing or building a Facebook page, and much more than a website.  It’s a strategic and thoughtful approach to content and positioning that connects books with targeted readers, the ones most likely to become fans. PR also aids in the building of a brand in order to ensure lasting stability. You write your stories. We market your products.

You are the CEO, CFO and General Manager of your company and have to make daily business decisions. At Red Coat PR we take your author goals and expand them by opening doors that may not be attainable on your own. With every author, we assess their books, the market, and the ideal reader. Then we implement our extensive knowledge to expand the reach of every title. Our team is dedicated and knowledgeable and has over fifty years of collective experience in leadership, project management, digital development, and marketing.



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